How to Cook Rice the Right Way – 3 Tips You Can Use

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the world. It tastes amazing when cooked well. The aroma of well-cooked rice will get your bowels moving right away.

Rice can be cooked in a couple of ways. Some people like their rice sticky, while others like it grainy but soft. Either way, it needs to be well-cooked for you to enjoy it. Below are three tips for cooking rice that will ensure your rice is perfect, regardless of how you like it.

Tip 1- The volume of water used should be twice that of the rice

Whether you are boiling or frying the rice, you will need to use enough water for the rice to cook well. Too much water will give you over-cooked gloopy rice. If the water is too little, the rice will stick to the pan and possibly get burned. You do not want to keep adding water to the pan too. The rice will not cook evenly. You should be able to put in just the right amount.

Tip 2- Add the spices when the rice is coming to a simmer

You should not wait until the rice is cooked and dry to add salt and spices. They will not be evenly distributed. Add your cardamom, cinnamon, and salt while the rice is coming to a simmer. This will ensure the rice catches a strong flavor, and its evenly distributed.

Tip 3- Allow the rice to rest for 10 minutes

Hoping that you are not starving, you should let the rice rest for 10 minutes once it’s done. Even peeking should not be allowed. This will ensure the moisture is evenly distributed across the pot, to give the rice and even soft texture. You do not want the rice at the bottom to be dry and crunchy. Do not flip the rice. Let it sit and cool down.

Different people have different ways of cooking rice. Whichever way prefer, these three tips will ensure you rice has no blemish. Happy cooking.