The Quest for Making a Good Watch

The quest to make a decent watch started way back in the 1970s, where the challenge was taken on by a bunch of watchmakers all around the world, and the winner of this race should be no surprise.

The first-ever watch to combine a quartz movement with a sweeping motion had to be none other than the lauded Seiko brand. They did this by creating a masterpiece now known as the Seiko Spirit, which at this point has turned into a legendary and iconic watch.

The best part about this is that while the Spirit was innovative and iconic, Seiko didn’t stop there. The company used this famous technology in their watches all the way up to the ’90s, and then Seiko had something even better to release: the Spring Drive.

You can find something similar from Fossil as well, even though the technology was a bit different back then. But today, when talking about great watches for ordinary people, Fossil is a really good option. Or you can go with Hamilton watches as well since the brand is also a big name and has many good products.

The Spring Drive watch took the innovation of the Spirit to the next level by actually combining the accuracy of quartz with an actual mechanical movement. The Spring Drive generates power just like a mechanical watch but has an electronic regulator to keep the time as accurate as any quartz movement out there.

Innovation never stops with watches, from sweeping hands to a fusion of watch movements only makes me wonder what will come next with watch innovation. Something I can’t help but be excited about.

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