A Watch for Every Occasion in Your Life

good watches for you

A watch may look very basic.

However, it does play a vital role in how you look and also feel. If you have the wrong type, not only do you feel uneasy around people but it may mean people not taking you seriously.

Imagine you adorning large Casio calculator watch when meeting potential investors for a serious business meeting. Or you take your dress watch with you for the rugged mountain climbing, camping, or hiking expedition?

What you need is to have the right watch for the occasion.

Fortunately for you, we’ve identified the 5 types of watches to suit you as a man. The suitability of each will depend on your lifestyle and sense of fashion.

Firstly, if you’re seriously into environmental conservation, then something like a wood watch from Bewell might be a good choice.

It’s very unique and would add a very positive note about your personality. And trust me, people will notice it.

Another great suggestion that I highly recommend you look into is to try picking up a wristwatch from Baume & Mercier! Yes, you heard that right.

It might be a bit costly compared to other brands, but a watch from that brand would be a great addition to your tuxedo when you go to any serious meeting.

Breitling is also a good choice if you can swing a few thousand dollars at least to bring home a decent wristwatch. It might be a bit out of reach for most people since those timepieces are classified as luxury watches.

But trust me, once you have one on your wrist, you won’t regret it!

If you’re more sensitive to price, yet you still need something that can make you stand out, then I highly recommend you check out these great watches from Bulova.

As you might already know, Bulova is a big watchmaker, and almost every timepiece they produced could be a great product to you.

And finally, if you’re more into fashionable watches, then Burberry should be on your list. I love Burberry watches because they usually possess what many fashionable people thought of as “innovative” and “creative” designs.

It’s not always the case, but I find it to be true most of the time.

And as always, don’t forget to share any comments or even tell us the kind of watch(es) you own.